Kunigunda Lunar Festival. Second gothic / dark wave festival in Baltic States [2-4.05.2003], Vilnius, Lithuania

Kunigunda Lunar Festival. Второй готик / dark wave фестиваль в Прибалтике. [2-4.05.2003], Вильнюс, Литва

Impressions by Antanas "Fantocis" Macionis [special correspondent of gothic.com.ua in Lithuania - специальный корреспондент gothic.com.ua в Литве]

translated from english by Yuriy "Svarog" Tkachuk [soon!]

Photos of  bands: Anapilis, Claustrum, Dis Pater, DJ De'Ath, Fading Colours, Lahka Musa, Mano Juodoji Sesuo, Siela, Xess>>>

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Intro - Вступление.

Friday, 2nd of May - second awakening of Kunigunda. Largest darkwave festival in Baltic States Kunigunda Lunaria begins in Vilnius. The year after the first festival past through insensibly. And during that time idea of the festival spread wide not only in Baltics States but also to most of Eastern Europe countries. Just take a look at the programme. First time there was the only guest from Latvia (Rosewater). This year artists from Poland, Latvia, Slovakia, Prussia is on the list among others...
This time festival spread out all across Vilnius: concert & meetings in the cafe located in Old Town, art excibitions, movies in one of the biggest cinema theaters, major concert in Tauras Hill Palace with 2 scenes, undergound electronic club Vault, Verkiai Palace and more...
I'm not going to write about all these places in my report. You can read about them in the official site of the festival. Have to admit that I didn't visit most of them myself....

Day 1 - День 1

Kunigunda Lunar Festival 2003, by gothic.com.uaFriday evening. I decided to vist just the main concert of the day at Aktoriu Namai club. Usually there are no such concerts in this club. So, I was curious how everything is going to be inside. Well, the hall with the stage was too small for such concert and the sound was terrible J. Felt like inside the can. But nevemind, music is more important.

So, the opening act for the festival was SKARDAS. Local 1 man project performing deep experimental industrial music. I heard it for the first time and can't say that I've got any big immpressions from this performance. Maybe the place wasn't right... Too crowded with people with terrible acoustics. No big reaction from the crowd also.

Kunigunda Lunar Festival 2003, by gothic.com.uaAfter a short brake next project is on stage - CLAUSTRUM from Latvia. Seems like they are one of the best bands of the genre at home. But this was my first experience about their music. Even with terrible acoustics of the hall their music sounded impressive and deep. Video installation was killer. Guys are real proffesionals. If you're dark industrial fan, don't miss this project.

Kunigunda Lunar Festival 2003, by gothic.com.uaAnd here comes time for some cyber/goth - XESS is on stage. Band played in the first Kunigunda festival also. This time they presented some new songs and some of their hits as "Ikask man" (Bite Me). Crowd goes nuts and everyone seems to like their performance very much. Show ends with classic cover of Bauhaus "The Passion of Lovers".

And here comes time for another lithuanian project - TROLIS & THE GIBERLINGERS, already known from his performance in the first Kuningunda fest last year. Artist presented material from his new album "Quark Gluon Plasma". Music can be described as hard tribal/trance. To my mind the show was too long, about 1.5 hour. The hall was almost empty. Some goths sitting on the ground here and there… I would say his music is for die hard fans of the genre only. But I was patient enough to wait for the end of his show.

Kunigunda Lunar Festival 2003, by gothic.com.uaJust because I was anxious to see famous DJ De'Ath from Leeds (UK). And it was worth it. As soon as such EBM hits as Covenant "Call The Ships to Port" or Project Pitchfork "Timekiller" started to play, hall was transformed into a dancefloor. I was convinced that DJ De'Ath is a master of his work. But it was more than enough for one day and I decided to save some energy for tomorrow…

Day 2 - День второй

Second day began with film "Vidocq", later - meetings & drinkings in the festival club - cafe Arka. I went straight to the concert place at the palace on Tauras Hill. Due to some technical problems concert was delayed for almost 2 hours. So, I had some time to look around the place. And again this place was not a usual place for such concerts… It was a movie theater some time ago. So, there was a main stage for main bands and second stage for DJs and other projects.

Kunigunda Lunar Festival 2003, by gothic.com.uaOpening act on the main stage was ANAPILIS. [Interview with band ANAPILIS taken by our special correspondent in Latvia (Valkyria) you can read here - editor's note]. Again, bands which played last year in the festival. This time guys prepared some interesting details in their show like inviting the sax player. He added some interesting tunes to their music. Band warmed up the audience with well played electro goth beats.

Kunigunda Lunar Festival 2003, by gothic.com.uaAgain short brake to buy another can of beer and here I see another band - DIS PATER, guests from Prussia. I was unfimiliar with this band before the festival. The programme describes their music as doom metal. As a fan of this style I was very anxious to hear them. And I wasn't dissapointed for sure! Guys performed not a trendy doom metal, some atmospheric tunes reminded me of In The Woods… During the whole show I had a feeling that they will play a classic doom metal cover at the end. And I was right - crowd started to rave as soon as the band begin to play Anathema's "Sleepless". Well, I have to admit that DIS PATER is one of the few bands in Eastern Europe which stayed true to the style. Ok, maybe not 100% true, because they use drum machine, but anyway they sound great.

Kunigunda Lunar Festival 2003, by gothic.com.uaAnd here comes MANO JUODOJI SESUO to clear the gloomy atmosphere in the hall left by Dis Pater. Seems like they promoting new style of goth clothing - wearing all white J. The show was nice as always. This time band played more in the old vein, removing most of the beats and loops which you can hear in their latest album "Synthetique".

Kunigunda Lunar Festival 2003, by gothic.com.uaAnother band on stage is LAHKA MUSA from Slovakia. Their performance resembled to the ritual of some kind. Music was dark and majestic and singers voice was exceptional (clothing also J ). But I have to admit that I missed diversity in their songs. Most of them sounded quite simillar to each other, but overall you won't mistake this band with any other. It sounds absolutely original. Anyway, I liked the show a lot. After the ritual has finished, I decided to check out the second stage.

There was some DJ sessions at the beginning, but now it was time for J. MILASIUS. This guy is the best guitar player in Lithuania, that's for sure. Last year he released an album "Eile". Music in it can be described as bizarre mixture of guitar and electronics - sounds spectacular. So, I was very eager to hear him live. But I've enjoyed just a few tacks.

Kunigunda Lunar Festival 2003, by gothic.com.uaBecause SIELA started to play on the main stage. And what I see? Guys are wearing white also. I'm wondering, is it just in Lithuania goths wear whire or is it internationally? But nevermind, music is more important. As always hall was full of fans singing together with the band. Siela will re-release their cult album "Uz regejimo lauko" on a CD this month through Dangus Rec. So, don't miss it.

Kunigunda Lunar Festival 2003, by gothic.com.uaClock tolls midnight and main star of the festival FADING COLOURS starts the show. I think there's no need to present this band. No doubt, it is one of the best gothic/darkwave bands in Eastern Europe these years. This trio (mannequin included) performed highest level goth/darkwave show Vilnius ever saw. Even that accident with sound equipment didn't screw up my immpressions. De Coys singing was bewitching. And the beat of the music was moving everyone in a non-stop rhythm. The voice of De Coy echoed in my head for the rest of the night...

Day3 - День 3

Sunday morning began with "Mulholland Drive" at the cinema theater. Fantastic movie indeed. Later on excursion at the Verkiu Palace and deep music evening in the park. The weather was awful.

Freezing wind didn't let to fully relax and enjoy the music performed by SHNARE.SYS and DONIS.

The only salvation was concert by SHOVA, because it was inside the palace. The band created such inexpressible atmosphere. Seemed like everyone inside the hall was overwhelmed by these ethereal sounds. It was such a relief for my ears after all those beats and loops I've heard for past two days. Unique performance which brought back calm to my soul…

Resume - Заключение

As always, you can find more info about everything at www.dangus.net .

So, that's about it. Majestic weekend is over. This time festival growed much bigger. It was not possible to see all the places and artists. I haven't mentioned lots of them in this report. So, if you want to see them all, come next year to Vilnius. Dark arts will await you!

More information about festivals and bands in Baltic States - www.dangus.net

Reportage was prepared by Antanas 'Fantocis' Macionis

impressions and photos by Antanas "Fantocis" Macionis [special corrrespondent of gothic.com.ua in Lithuania -специальный корреспондент gothic.com.ua в Литве]

translated from english by Yuriy "Svarog" Tkachuk [soon!]

Photos of  bands: Anapilis, Claustrum, Dis Pater, DJ De'Ath, Fading Colours, Lahka Musa, Mano Juodoji Sesuo, Siela, Xess>>>

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Дополнительная информация о фестивале Kunigunda Lunar Festival


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