The goal of phpQ was to allow you to design your survey to look any way you wish. To do this, we have offered a couple of options on the way your questions can appear. You can also customize the Answer Text Style.

Question Text Style - In this field you may enter any CSS style definition that you wish to have applied to all question text in the survey. You can also modify the style of each question individually when adding or modifying that question. The style of an individual question will override the survey wide question text style. If you wanted to have your questions all appear in a red, Arial font of size 12px, you would enter:

color: red; font-style: Arial; font-size: 12px;

This would then cause your question to appear as:

What is your question?

The style definitions will be placed inside of the <TD> that surrounds the question. You will also be able to override survey-wide defaults for Question Text Style within each question setup itself.

To find out more about CSS styles, go to CSS1 Reference.