Starting with version 1.2, phpQuestionnaire allows you to backup and restore your phpQ database. This is very useful in case you ever run into a corrupted database or your hard drive crashes. After you have backed up your database, you can be re-installed and running in minutes, without having lost any of your data prior to your last backup. Simply click the "Browse..." button in the "Restore Data File" row and find your phpQ backup ('backup_YYYY-MM-DD.phpQ' if you have downloaded all data). Then select your Restore Behavior and click the "Restore Database" button to have your backup restored into the database.

phpQ allows you to restore the entire database or a single survey and all results from one file. phpQ will automatically determine the format of the file and act appropriately. If your file exceeds the maximum file upload size (normally 2 MB) you may want to look into restoring from a URL.