Vivvo is an online editing solution that allows your clients to populate and edit their web sites with articles/materials directly from their web browser - regardless of who they are hosted with. You can manage your news / article based website with full power and no technical knowledge needed - even with the help of your associates who do not have to be tech savvy to populate, manage, and monitor materials presented on your website.

How it Works

This summary will explain how the Vivvo interacts with and invokes the retrieval, modification and publishing of an end-users website.

  1. Firstly, the end-user will login to the Vivvo interface, where he/she can build, edit and publish their content.
  2. After the end-user has logged in, their details are authenticated against the Vivvo MySQL database.
  3. Once this connection is established, a list of categories and articles are retrieved from the end-users database. These articles and categories are then displayed in the Vivvo admin panel.
  4. When a user clicks on a specific article to create/edit, Vivvo WYSIWYG HTML editor is invoked, where the user is free to create or modify it. User can format text, insert images, tables, forms, etc. When he/she is done, articles are ready to be published, with optional parameters like choosing article file name, various option related to article (comments, voting, etc…)
  5. When the user has completed their session, they simply click on the "Logout" button at the top of the Vivvo interface. No temporary data (such as HTML pages) is stored on the users' web host.