Impressions from great Polish and biggest East-Eropean gothic / dark wave festival Castle Party - 2001

-------Impressions #2 by Rostyslav "Khomius" Antymis------

Photo gallery #1 from festival - bands : Attrition, Aggresiva69, Ankh, Fading Colours, Komu Vnyz, Endraum, Illuminate, Breath of Life, Siela, Canonis, Daimonion, Batalion D'amour / Dance on Glass, Cemetery of Scream, Desdemona, Moonlight, Whispers in the Shadow, Drimsztajn, Jesus Chrysler Suicide, Last Days of Jesus, Lech Janerka, Legendary Pink Dots, LTNO, Nirnaeth, Benemoth, etc 

Photo gallery #2 from festival - Goths and Castle of Bolkow


#1 Impressions from Castle Party -2001 by Vitaliy "Stranger" Fedun


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