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Event in Lithuania: festival "MENUO JUODARAGIS 2007" in Zarasai town, 24-26/08/2007

Vitaly Stranger on Авуст 01, 2007

Украинский Готический Портал (http://gothic.com.ua) рад анонсировать очередное интересное событие в Польше: 10-тый фестиваль MENUO JUODARAGIS 2007 в Литве.


Post-folk festival, 10th edition

"Menuo Juodaragis" (Blackhorned Moon) is one of the most unique culture events in Baltic states. This independent three-days open air festival is dedicated to evoke contemporary Baltic culture, revive ancient traditions and present most interesting post-folk and alternative artsists from various European lands. This year "Menuo Juodaragis" will celebrate a 10th anniversary and will take place on August 24-26, 2007; in a wonderful location - a green big island in Zarasas lake, near Zarasai town, northeastern Lithuania. The place is 160 km from capital Vilnius and is noted for adorable and wild Nature.

Uniting past and future, "Menuo Juodaragis" presents a wide live concert programme, involving several musical styles - authentic folk music and contemporary post-folklore, electronic, rock, experimental, ambient, industrial, other modern art forms. So during 3 days and nights everyone can find his/her cup of tea. This original vital connection and great friendly atmosphere make the festival so outstanding and attract people from many countries every year.

On the "Mėnuo Juodaragis 2007" anniversary scenes we'll see the following groups and musical projects: ALLERSEELEN (Austria), SIEBEN (UK), MOON FAR AWAY (Russia), SVARROGH (Bulgaria), THE MOON AND THE NIGHTSPIRIT (Hungary), OSIMIRA (Belarus), PRAGNAVIT (Belarus), DONIS (Lt), LAUXNA LAUKSNA (Lt), ATALYJA (Lt), PIEVOS (Lt), GIRNŲ GIESMĖS (Lt), ŽALVARINIS (Lt), ANDAJA (Lt), KŪLGRINDA (Lt), Driezhas (Lt), SVEFN-G-ENGLAR (Lt), SPOOKSHOW INC. (Lt), THUNDERTALE (Lt), VILKDUJA (Lt), ENU KALEIDOSKOPS (Latvia), DVI MUDVI (Lt), VILKI (Latvia), LIPK ANT SIENŲ (Lt) and many others. The festival programme will continue also during all night - there will be parties with DJs offering various electronic music, also traditional folk dances by fireplaces, and tribal workshops which You are welcome to join!

During the fest You will be also invited for lectures, exhibitions, films, crafts, archaic rituals and workshops exploring contemporary ethnic culture, history, ecology and other subjects. Not to forget the clear waters of Zarasas lake, pleasing meadows, groves and various delights under starlit skies.

On the Zarasas island there will be two stages, film/lecture tent, outdoor coffe-bars, craftsmen yard. Also a special camping territory to build tents and parking place for cars (though each car entrance into the island is charged 5 Lt). There will be a nice kindergarten for children, football tournament and other relaxations.

Place of event: Great island in Zarasas lake, Zarasai town
Date of event: August 24-26, 2007, start at 14:00.
Ticket price: 60 Lt (3-days ticket). From August 1st - 70 Lt.

More details on the festival website: http://www.mjr.lt

The event is organised by public institution "Baltijos griaustinis" ir Baltic music label "Dangus". On Lithuanian Alternative Music Awards "A.LT 2005" the last edition of "Mėnuo Juodaragis" have been granted a Best Alternative Event award.

E-mail: info@dangus.net
Tel.: +370 688 19655 Ugnius Liogė
Tel.: +370 698 12461 Rūta Latinytė
Dangus / Baltijos Griaustinis
PO Box 3058, Vilnius 01001, Lithuania

More info:

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