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RIGA FETISH FASHION WEEK, 27-28.03.2008 Riga (Latvia)

Svetlana Kazmerika on Март 27, 2009


RIGA FETISH FASHION WEEK in the framework of
the international exhibition BALTIC EXPO BEAUTY
28th of March, 2009
InternationalExhibitionCenter “Skonto”
Riga Fetish Fashion Week (RFFW furtheron) alternative fashion shows and performances will take place on 28th of March, 2009, in the framework of annual international exhibition BALTIC EXPO BEAUTY, in the international exhibition center “Skonto”.
Usually “fetish” is perceived as something unordinary, specific, even erotic. Riga Fetish Fashion Week is an event which proposes to savour fetish, as a different lifestyle with all it's brightness, splendour, glamour and at the same time with all it's provocation and extremism. The event will provide a possibility to enjoy fashion shows of young and well-known Latvian and foreign designers during Riga Fetish Fashion Week and different shows with according audiovisual performances, also to take part in fabulous pre- and afterparties with famous performers, DJs and different shows.
One of the most interesting and famous fetish fashion designer, who will present her collection on the Riga Fetish Fashion Week, is undoubtedly VERO-OVER, a brand of Veronique Le Guenanff, from France. This will be a show of a classic fetish chic, that's why the brand has already become a European legend. Another interesting designer is Marian Taylor from UK, known as AKELLA FASHION, she will present her new accessories and lingerie collection. Headliner of the event undoubtedly is LUBA SUHOVA (www.suhova.ru)from Russia, she makes original and unique costumes since 1998, they are unusual and outstanding. Anyhow Luba has gain her fame mainly by dressing Russian pop-stars and by making costumes for different shows and performances in Russia and abroad.
Latvia will be represented by already well-known locally designers: Kupiansky (www.kupiansky.com), V&M Dress-Code and young fashion designers, working together – Kristine Simsone, Karolina Rubovska, Sintija Tomsone un Antra Tiruma.
In addition to the fashion shows, organizers of Riga Fetish Fashion Week are proposing an opportunity for the young designers-to-be to participate in a workshop, where the chosen 5 designers would be given one whole work day, a check for the 50 LVL for the materials purchase and an equipment to create their own wearable fetish look. The looks will be shown to the audience and a jury, consisting of the according experts, in order to choose a winner. All the designers will receive some reassurance prizes from the sponsors of the RFFW, however the main prize will be 1000 LVL for the own young designer's collection design and producing and a possibility to show the collection during London Edge exhibition.
Thus organizers of Riga Fetish Fashion Week wish to introduce a tradition of supporting young Latvian fashion designers to be.
Organizers: Producers' grop „FLAT CAT” and “BLACK MASQUERADE”
Supporters: Latexpo, KOSMETIK Expo, BOOM, Godvil, Stylefoto, Devro, Formitalia, Tonino Lamborghini, Gee Team, Baltic Show Service, Myalook, Una Style, Art&Music Bakery, Raduga, London Edge (UK), Europa City Hotel.
Informational support: Nightlife, Ind-ex, easyget.lv, gothic.lv, ankh.id.lv, hc.lv, tribine.lv, tvnet.lv, club.lv, randoms.lv, vetomagazin.lv, mikseris.lv, draugiem.lv, woman.delfi.lv, fashion.lv, Devro, Saldā Dzīve, mango.lv, modeles.lv, 360 gradusov, Respublika (LT)

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