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Here you can find information about Ukrainain Gothic Portal - GOTHIC.COM.UA and our team consisting of more than 30 members and employes living in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Germany, Canada, Greece, Lithuania & other countries. If you want to promote your band, label, journal or event in Ukraine and in all other countries of Eastern Europe (Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Baltic States, etc.) you are in the right place. Please be attentive while reading info below. The text below is not often updated but all out new activies are listed in slavic version (please check it out using key-english-words):

Ukrainian Gothic Portal (GOTHIC.COM.UA) is the central promoter, covering all the events and publishing news-sets on the whole goth/avantgarde/dark scene of ex-USSR. We started in 1997 with small community and nowadays we are the only promo agency / event organizer / news portal able to cover all the goth / industrial events in Eastern Europe: Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Baltic States: Latvia, Litva, Estonia, etc.

GOTHIC.COM.UA makes a promotion of different international bands and bands' concerts (Theatre of Tragedy, HIM, Das Ich, Covenant, The 69 Eyes, Ataraxia, etc.) organized in Eastern Europe. The Portal has also the central in ex-USSR journal that pushes the information with cd's reviews, announcements, news sets and many more things that are mentioned further in all over the regions.

At the same time we cooperate from year to year with all the biggest European independent festivals: Wave Gotik Treffen, Mera Luna, Castle Party, Herbstnachte, etc. not only in organization of concerts of our bands but supporting the events as influencable media unit. We have more than 30 members and correspondents all over the world (Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Germany, Poland, Canada, USA, Israel, etc.) who reguliarly bring us original anduniques materials and organize the related events. We have the single journal that reguliarly publish unique (in slavic language) and substantial NEWS sets devoted international gothic / dark scene. These news sets are published in different printed media in Eastern Europe and are used by number of radio-stations.

GOTHIC.COM.UA is the only single and exclusive organizer of biggest in ex-USSR independent/gothic festival "Dety Nochi: Chorna Rada" that is a yearly event that is oriented to gather more than 5000 visitors in Kiev. Our reguliar monthly indie / goth / industrial parties are also organized in 3 biggest cities of Ukraine: Kiev, Odessa & Lviv to develope the scene further on. We publish also cd's through our own sub-label "Chorna Pravda" (the most sold indie position in Ukraine is "Ukrainian Gothic, vol.1") . We succesfully take ukrainian bands to festivals with which we cooperate: Wave Gotik Treffen (2002,2004), Herbstnachte (2002), Castle Party (2001). You can read about our ativities in detail below.


Indie / gothic scene in Eastern Europe is developing quickly and tremendously because it has not yet been developed in 1990-ties and its apogee is only to come in this decade. Number of independent / gothic / industrial concerts, parties and festivals in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and other countries grow. The only hamstering factor is absence of well-developed info- and promo-infrastructure. GOTHIC.COM.UA has created its own promotion network and is active now in 2 main directions: 1) promotion of international bands, labels, journals and events in Ukraine and Eastern Europe 2) promotion of Ukrainian gothic scene and bands in Europe and world. Information in detail about these 2 directions of promotion follows below.

GOTHIC.COM.UA: promoter, news portal and journal.

Promotion of international indepedent / goth/ industrial scene (bands, labels, journals, festivals) in the whole Eastern Europe and Ukraine: we organize the concerts of european bands in cities of Ukraine/NIS & on our festivals., cover the events (publishing reportages, cd reviews, articles etc). Our effective coverage includes different activities: we reguliarly publish bands news in our news sets and through our media partner network in TV abd radio, we arrange numerous reportages & photos from indie / gothic events in Europe and the world.

Development of East-European and ukrainian national gothic scene: management & production of ukrainian gothic bands (Komu Vnyz, Grayscale, Dust Heaven, Audi Sile, Holodne Sonze, Scryabin, etc.), organization of gothic parties in 3 cities of Ukraine, release of cd's ("Ukrainian gothic", vol.1, vol.2, etc), organization of gothic festivals in Kiev (Children of the NIght) and in Zbarazh Castle (Nekropolis), cooperation with world's biggest gothic festivals (Wave-Gotik-Treffen, Herbsnaechte, Castle Party, etc) aimed tro bring ukrainian gothic bands to international auditory.




We would be glad to cooperate with you. If you want GOTHIC.COM.UA to organize your concerts in cities of Ukraine or promote you all possible ways publishing news on your band, label, journal or festival in slavic language all over the specialized medias, journals, maliing lists in the Eastern Europe you have to do the following:

I) if you want to perform in Ukraine during your european tour or just to make a single concert in our countries let us know. We can arrange concerts in Kiev, Odessa and Lviv as well as in Moscow and Saints-Petersburg. We can also provide full info-support to your concert in NIS countries since we have already done it for such bands as Theatre of Tragedy, Das Ich, Covenant, 69 Eyes, HIM, Ataraxia, etc. [take a look at our EVENTS section for reportages and announcements to be sure]

II) additionally, we can also organize release party of cd's on gothic parties in 3 cities Ukraine (Kiev, Odessa, Lvov and soon also - in Khakov & Dnepropetrovsk). If you are DJ and you want to play on our gothic parties - let us know.

III) send all your news and they will be published in slavic language in Ukraine, Russia, etc. News have to sent to our NEWS editor Darja Koroleva to e-mail: Your news will be published in our news sets that are also re-published by different printed slavic media and online news agencies (e.g. FDR RadioCenter, "ALIVE" journal, ZVUKI.RU, etc.) so your activity will be reguliarly covered in independent Ukrainian & East-European partner-media. [take a look at our NEWS OF GOTH/DARK SCENE section to be sure].

IV) send us your CD's for reviewing. Reviews will be published up to date and people in 50-millions country Ukraine as well as in 250 millions area of ex-USSR will read it [take a look at our CD REVIEWS section to be sure.]



The only things we ask you to do from your side are:

I) to give us the possibility to organize the promotion in Ukraine and NIS not only for you but for other bands. Put the link to GOTHIC.COM.UA in you link section and to put our banner on your web-site. [If there is a possibility to put our web-adress on any kind of your printed production so that more people would know where they can read about you in slavic language - we will also apreciate it a lot.]
II) your friendly support...


WAVE GOTIK TREFFEN festival, PRIKOSNOVENIE label, MEDIUM label, SECRET DISCOVERY band, HIM band, L'AME IMMORTELLE band, OOMPH! band, FETISH band, HERBTSNAECHTE festival, MERA LUNA festival, CASTLE PARTY festival and many more.


- If you have questions, comments or proposals of cooperation please feel free to contact us:

Vitaliy Fedun, chief-in-editor:
Oleg Fainitsky, vice-editor, representative of GOTHIC.COM.UA in Russia:
Darja Koroleva, editor of NEWS section,
Yuiry Tkachuk, representative of GOTHIC.COM.UA in Kiev:
Rostyslav Antymys, representative of GOTHIC.COM.UA in Lviv:
Kyril Kopa, representative of GOTHIC.COM.UA in Odessa:

Information & contact on great number of our members in Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Belarus, Izraeil, Canada and other countries you can find in AUTHORS section (updated in slavic only!). If you would like to work in our team as correspondent in your country or as a stuff writer please let us know.

- To send CD & promos to European correspondence address of GOTHIC.COM.UA:

Berlin 10179
Rungest. 15a
c/o Fedun




Many years of publishing of materials on indie / gothic / industrial / music in slavic language. Aricles about bands. News sets. Reviews. First huge Gothic FAQ ever published in russian/ukrainian is up-to-date updated: - News sets being reguliarly updated by news editor. News cover the whole EU and USA goth / indie scene. News are being re-published by our partner media - journals and radio (e.g. FDR Radiocentre). Artilces about different bands: The Sisters of Mercy, Depeche Mode, The Cure, Coil, Christian Death, Fields of The Nephilim, Muslimgauze, HIM, Lacrimosa, etc. Articles are richly illustrated by photos and artworks. Materials are written analytically and trying to show the nature and roots of indepedent / goth / industrial music. [Typical example of article is the one about the Sisters of Mercy: ] - this article was publised in a lots of ukrainian printed media ("Young Ukraine", "Ukrainian word", etc)

We organize gothic / industrial  parties in Ukraine. At the moment we organize 3 monthly parties in 3 main cities of Ukraine - Kiev, Lviv and Odessa:

    "Central ukrainian gothic party", in Kiev, "Store" club [350-450 persons]

    "Nekropolis" gothic party, nearby Lviv, Zbarazh Castle [up to 300 persons]

    "Gothic party", in Odessa, "Epizentr" club [250-300 persons]

    During the parties different CD's of goth / industrial / indie styles are played. At their majority these are CD's sent to us for promo and reviews and this is the way to promote the band's music in Ukraine. As far as we have not got system to get CD's for these music styles in Ukraine(there are no usual shops) the parties and mail order are the only ways to listen and to buy music. - Events page with all the numerous reports from all around the world and Ukraine. - Typical monthly NEKROPOLIS party in Lvov in 2004 (with DJ playlists). - Typical monthly GOTHIC PARTY in Kiev in 2004 (with DJ playlists).

    Although gothic / independent scene and society in Ukraine is pretty undeveloped we make the reguliar ukrainian independent / gothic / industrial festival "Children of Night: Chorna rada", that is oriented for around 5000 of visitors. The festival is successful since 1999. 1st time there was imposible participation of foreign gothic, industrial bands however next years we are brining some foreign bands to our local parties and to Children of Night-X. Children of Night-X are to be organized in Kiew with participation of ukrainian, german and polish bands.

    We promote our ukr. goth/ dark / industrial bands by releasing CD, for example "Ukrainian Gothic Compilation, vol. 1" (was released in 2004). Also we release the cd's of Ukrainian goth bands in Ukraine or support their release with info-coverage and promotion in related media in Europe

    We make reviews of CD's and festivals. We reguliraly from year to year visit all the biggest European gothic festivals: Wave Gotik Treffen, Mera Luna, Castle Party, Herbstnachte, etc. for our readers in slavic countries. Having visited festival we write rather wide reportages from that events for Ukraine and Eastern Europe with huge numbers of photos of bands and visitors....If you organize festival - feel free to contact us and to send info about that - we will publish it on the site and announce it for slavic countries. So there can be a way that people from Ukraine will visit you event. We also make then site of that events to help promotion of it in Ukraine - Ukrainian Wave Gotik Treffen site - Ukrainian Castle Party site -Ukrainian Hebstnachte site

    GOTHIC.COM.UA organizes concerts of ukrainian goth bands on festivals with which we cooperate: concert of Komu Vnyz on Wave Gotik Treffen (2002) (great thank to Peter Matzke and Thomas Gaernart) , concert of VINKY on Herbstnachte (2002) (greta thank to Sina) , concert of Komu Vnyz on Castle Party (2001) (great thank to Kris Rakowski). - Concert of ukrainian gothic industrial band (with a great female voice) VINKY on Herbstnachte-2002 - Concert of ukrainian gothic industrial / folk rock band KOMU VNYZ on Castle Party-2002 - Concert of ukrainian gothic industrial / folk rock band KOMU VNYZ on Wave Gotik Treffen - 2002

    Besides writing articles, GOTHIC.COM.UA interviews bands and publish it all on Portal and in related ukrainian music magazines - this makes a great promo for these bands in Ukraine. This information is widely spread in our partner Internet-zines, printed media, radio and is consumed by lots of people, because Portal is the one and only complex source for this. Portal is the only place in Ukraine where people with gothic, industrial, non-standard mental outlook and tastes, loving strenth of free, non-standard phylosophy can gather... - Interviews made by gothic journalists with different bands - Deine Lakaien, HIM, Lacrimosa, Cinema Strange, Gary Numan, Human Drama, etc [not all published in a full size or at all because of avoiding of cross-print with printed version].

    We make promotion for mail-orders preresented and distributed in Ukraine by means of advers, rotation of cd's on party and radio. The page with catalog for below-mentioned labels labels can be seen here: Ant-Zen, Accession, Apocalyptic Vision, Apollyon, Athanor, Bloodline, Cleopatra, Cold Meat Industry, Cold Spring, Crowd Control Activities, Cynfeirdd, Dark Vinyl, Eibon, Eis Und Licht, Flatline, L.O.K.I. Foundation, Malignant, Manifold, Musica Maxima Magnetica, Metroplis, Noise Museum, Ninja Tune/N-Tone, Out of Line, Old Europa Cafe, Possessive Blindfold, Prikosnovenie, SPV, Soleilmoon, Staalplaat, State Art, Tesco / Functional, Touch, Trinity, Trisol, World Serpent, Zoth Ommog, etc.


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